• Opened a new EXP pool as I was tired of all the fees. Really like this project and how it's not ETH. I love the direction it's headed and in return I want to offer my mining support by standing up a pool and putting my farm on it instead of ETH as I believe EXP is what it stands for and that is the people.

    Please join me and the other miners and hash away.

    0 Pool fees
    15 min payouts
    0.05 EXP min payout.
    Claymore support

    All miners big and small welcome.

  • Hello
    I join today. Never have mined EXP before.
    Feel free to send a starting gift : 0x050fb73d1e12ab5f127b50881b9c9f899acfe6f5 :)

  • Hello! We are together now.

    P.S. Looks like a scam, no payouts.

  • Hello
    Got multiple payments, no problem for me so far... except that I feel alone in this :/