Looking for more info about Expanse mining and trading...

  • Currently I'm mining Ethereum at about 80 Mh/s, planning to scale up to around 160 shortly. I don't like that Ethereum is going to PoS, so I'm looking for other Ethash options. There are 3 main things I'm thinking about right now in relation to Expanse mining:

    1. How liquid is Expanse on the exchanges? That is to say, can I expect to convert to/from BTC with little overhead and reasonable liquidity?

    2. Also, is there a plan to go to PoS in the future or a hybrid? What will that look the in terms of time lines and technical considerations for miners?

    3. Final concern: What kind of DAG size / video memory requirement exists today? How is that expected to grow in the future?

    It's a long shot, but I'm hoping someone can give some insight into the above...