Wallet not working on either platform

  • I created an account with gexp console on a Windows PC as the wallet app would not do it. The app then saw the wallet and a balance of 0. The next day the account was not listed in the wallet app until a few restarts, and when it appeared my balance shows 0 when it should show about 80 EXP. Somehow it does not synchronise but then again since the console does not show errors I cannot tell what is going on
    I decided to install the wallet app on my Mac, copied the Appdata Expanse folder to ~/Library/Expanse, but again the account is not picked up. The View Log option does not work either on Mac, but on the console window I get a "No such file or directory", even after deleting the ~/Library/Expanse folder.
    I am at a loss, without a log option, what do I do? Is my wallet safe or should I stop mining?

  • Not one reply in 4 months? I cannot get any version of the wallet to work on OSX, it's pretty disconcerting that a coin has been around for many months now, has ambition and published roadmap, still does not have a basic toolset working or supported. Can someone at least acknowledge that they are aware the wallet is still not working on OSX?

  • well since there is direct contact and faster response time from the developers, most people are using slack.expanse.com .

    I'll send a message to the devs so this post can be made public.

  • admin

    Thanks alot reeda for forwarding this to me.

    @raidersan still having this issue? This problem seems to be very intermittent and partly mist and partly gexp. Can you start your gexp with the verbosity flag up then copy me your logs?

    Also sorry for not responding sooner, we dont patrol the forums very much and we should do a better job of that. We are much more active on slack.

    ./gexp --verbosity 6 console 2> ./exp.log