Access to Borderless services - Agent vs Borderless Citizen ID

  • On appears the Borderless Citizen ID smart contract. I assume basically when we talk about "Citizenship", we consider a "citizen" to be part of a society/organization/foundation.

    In my understanding (and please correct me on what I'm wrong), being a Borderless citizen is holding some Expanse tokens EXP, and having locked/signed on the Expanse blockchain a smart contract called Borderless Citizen ID.

    I assume a Expanse user who is also a Borderless Citizen can access other Borderless services easily, but what else? Does the citizen access an inner voting system beside the one for Expanse DAO? Is there a Borderless society/organization in which the citizen is part of and can participate through voting? Or is a private company that offers (free?) services for the Expanse DAO?
    When we talk about "agents" in the Marriage post for example, is it simply another way to say Borderless Citizen, or is it different?

  • admin

    Yes, an agent is just a way to say, actor, or person participating in the system.

    Everything on expanse cost expanse for computational power,storing data for instance like a users credentials will be stored in the blockchain.

    The expanse dao is mostly to control the 10m exp reserve, however we plan to release tools where users can couple the native borderless services with their own means of rule. Means of rule like, some people might like democracy, others oligarchy others their own flavor or mixture. Borderless aims to be the platform where people will have the right to choose.