Roadmap 2016-2017

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    Borderless Technology RoadMap
    A coalition of globally accessible governance services forged out of smart contracts that live on the Expanse blockchain.

    Release 0.1.0 Q2 2016
    The framework is built on a MEAN stack
    Nearly all of the data will be stored locally in a mongoose db
    Users will be able to
    register an account
    Send receive expanse without a local gexp node
    Send encrypted messages
    Create a user profile
    Follow users
    Comment on users
    Rate users
    Add contracts
    rate/comment/follow contracts
    Smart contract functionality
    Lucrii - Basic Income token
    send/receive/mint the lucrii token
    Release 0.2.0 Q4 2016
    Most of the data will be migrated to smart contracts on the expanse blockchain
    New functionality
    Borderless ID system
    A global passport system
    Borderless Marriage
    A civil union between 2 or more consenting identities.
    Borderless Notary
    Proof of existence for documents, will store the blobs in IPFS
    Release 0.3.0 Q1 2017
    Further decentralization of data
    New Functionality
    Borderless Property Registrar
    Register property thats transferable to other identities
    Borderless Incorporation
    Create DAO’s and DAC’s
    Each dao/dac will have its own shares tokenized

  • Very nice RoadMap,thank you for sharing this.