Basic Income - Lucrii

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    As part of Borderless.Tech Proof of Concept 1, the very first smart contract service to be offered will be Lucrii. Lucrii is one of many interpretations ive came up with to provide a crypto-based basic income for approved agents.

    The flow is..

    The contract is launched with 0 lucrii in existence
    the contract will grant the contract owner the ability to mint 1000 lucrii once a month, approve new applicants, and create new admins and officers who can also approve new applicants.

    users will be able to register their account to receive the ability to mint lucrii.

    Anyone who has been approved will be able to mint 1000 lucrii per month.

    At this time every tx will cost a small fee of expanse, thats the nature of the expanse platform, however, in the future and maybe iteration 2 of the contract, users will get a refund on their gas.

    What do you think? How would you provide basic income?