Interest to mine and stack EXP

  • Hello guys, im a newbie from Fance , near Paris ^^

    Last end of the year i was searching on the web how to gain money with my computer ( gaming one) and in december ive heard about bitcoin for the second time.
    First time at his laucnh but i didnt pay attention at this moment...
    My interest for Ethreum was insta and i mined it from january to last week with GPU.

    I am always searching on the web documentations but i still dont understand all i read so if i can i just ask some questions here ^^

    Ive heard that mining ethereum will end sometime this summer.
    Is this true and why?

    Ive heard that banks were in interest with ETH is it the same with EXP?

    I know that all the founders of coins thinks their coin is the best but, why EXP is interesting and how EXP could make his place like ETH did?
    In other terms, who in the Big System has an interest in EXP winning?

    Im mining EXP for now in pool do i prefer stack my coins on a wallet for months or sell it at a good prize like trader?

    Is somebody could lighten me on this already plz?

  • I forgot to ask if LISK coin was a problem for EXP?