Most Dominant Differentiation Between EXP & ETH?

  • Can someone enlighten me? So far I don't see any advantage over the far more developed project, Ethereum.

  • admin

    How is it far more developed? We are equally developed up until the point we diverge. We havnt seen many a reason to diverge now. Expanse is founded on a modular agnostic stack thats loyal to only the best solution available. Right now that solution is mostly Ethereum and the EVM, however in the future, when new solutions arise we can adapt to the newer technology.

    The technical differences right now are...

    • Slower blocktimes to make for more efficient mining because blocks take time to propagate, longer propagation means far fewer orphans and uncles.

    • A block reward of 8 because we like that number, its a good lucky number. (This is also a highly loved number in Chinese culture).

    • We took the bomb out of the difficulty adjustment algo. We also adjust slightly faster than eth atm.

    Other than those slight technical alterations, we are running mostly the same software, but with a freedom to diverge when absolutely needed. This lowers our operating cost tremendously and makes it economically feasible to work on what the platform can provide rather than working on the platform itself.