90% Premine?? Founder Hold Private Keys?? Please Address The Rumor...

  • If anyone is going to invest in you guys, we need to have this elephant in the room addressed.

    Do the founders old a 90% premine? If so why is this not a classic pump/dump scam in the making?

  • admin

    After homestead we are locking these funds into a 90 day contract where no one, not even god himself could move the funds while we further develop the DAO dapp.

    Those keys are in cold storage. "if so why is this not a classic pump/dump" because we all have pretty high paying jobs and our work for expanse isnt about the money, its about providing an alternative to banking, governance, and increased decentralization for legacy systems.

  • admin

    The timelock tx or something like it will be used.

    //timelock contract
    import "owned";
    contract ReserveTimelock {
    	address public owner;
    	uint public unlockBlock;
    	struct Admin{
    		bool exists;
    	mapping(address=>Admin) admins;
    	function ReserveTimelock(){
    		owner = 0xbb94f0ceb32257275b2a7a9c094c13e469b4563e;
    		admins[0x5f39e77fa3413c067c67f42e59abd31bf77fa6b8].exists = true;
    		admins[0x4a56d08a90b1dcaf10161a6c1cddfd7fc141fd61].exists = true;
    		admins[0x93decab0cd745598860f782ac1e8f046cb99e898].exists = true;
    		unlockBlock = block.number+129600;
    	function kill(address _sendto){
    		if(admins[msg.sender].exists == true || msg.sender == owner && block.number > unlockBlock){