Alot of blocks in a few minutes!

  • Howdy,
    just started solo mining today, does it sound right to have mined 224 exp in about 10 minutes?
    Looks a little strange to me.


  • Had the same problem. You're on the test network. In my case it was due to the fact the blockchain wasn't downloaded. Is there any data in your "chaindata folder" (C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Expanse\ on Windows)? Make sure you update your blockchain. In my case the blockchain wasn't updating because the time on my PC wasn't synchronized properly, but maybe you should check your firewall as well. Do you also have an account in your keystore?

  • Where can I fine the configuration file?
    How many coins can I mine per day with a r9 280x card?

  • solo mining too with 90 Mh/s just mined one block yesterday at midnight ^^
    started at 7 pm i will stop at 5 of diff