Seeking Community Input on Future Update Options..

  • As you likely know, Ethereum will be going Proof of Stake only in the future. Expanse also can do that along with them, or anything else. Hybrid POW/POS, changing POW variables, and pretty much anything else.

    Thanks for any feedback! (We have the freedom to do what we want here)

  • @cryptoclub For what it's worth... as a miner I have no interest in POS. Forgive my ignorance, but it seems to me to be simply an interest mechanism under another name(?) If I know a crypto is POW long haul I'm more likely to jump in and invest to increase my hashrate.


  • I agree with Troppus. I am only interested in mining for the long haul. I'm hoping that EXP remains POW. I have no interest in trying to control the ecosystem. I much prefer to just put my rigs on auto-pilot and go play golf while my mining farm makes money. Right now ETH is clearly the front runner in this arena, even after that nasty DAO hack, but when they switch to POS I can foresee a lot of miners looking for a new place to point their hashing power. BTW, your project looks very promising and EXP is always listed at the top on my favorite mining website. Good stuff. Keep of the good work.