chasing 2million BTC traded

  • I have not a clue about EXP
    Currently holding some EMC and ETH

    Can someone provide a clue as to how 2 million USD worth of BTC (almost) has suddenly entered this domain within the last 24hrs?

  • honestly EXP supporters, you have a lion by its tail
    no response in critical moment is bad PR

  • I just watched 100k USD dropped to the bid in ten minutes

    is this a pump and dump?

    no disrespect but we live in light speed times and I'm slightly surprised the work put into this DAPP/forum and zero reply on a day like this

  • I'm basically watching people get raped on poloniex and your forum has nothing to say
    This is not what I expected from an Ethereum based coin
    Hopefully it pops back to a normal state but seeing so many coin given to the Buy or Bid just looks shady


  • Most people are active in the Slack, check here

    Bitcointalk is also quite active. There is also Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Google Plus, do not expect instant responses. We are trying to move more conversations here, but you will have to be patient. This is a small operation and people are not on call 24/7 to answer questions. If you must know something right away, Slack is the best option.

    I have no idea about the volume, nor did I know it would happen. There are various people talking about how much they own and that they really love Expanse. Trading is up to individuals, and as always, do your own research, take your own risks.

  • I have been thinking about it, and one theory is that China could be involved. No way to be sure, but we did design little things like the mining count to be 8 coins, which is a special number for China. It is always possible there could be some Chinese investors in it. They have chosen various coins over time for their own reasons.

    This is just a wild theory and not a fact, but if true obviously this would be a huge positive.

    I heard someone else mention this idea, and this is not based on anything other than few would be capable of doing this, and if it were something truly dubious then it would be in and out and over like we always see -- Certainly our team has no idea how to do this, 2 million in volume? Hell no, that is absurd, and anyone FUDing the team has no idea what would be involved in doing such a thing. Nor do we have the funds, nor would be do that sort of thing period even if we had hundreds of thousands to throw around.

  • @mistafista The forum hasn't really been adopted by the community yet, most people prefer to chat in the slack because it is real time. The forum will start being used more and more especially by those interested in development for persistent discussion on those kinds of topics.

    As to why so much money is coming into the altcoin market right now -- I think it might have something to do with how much traditional markets have all crashed in the last week or so. Stable alts on an upward trend are more appealing than those kind of loses. That aside, Ethereum's platform is the clear leader as far as what is the most capable implementation of block chain technology currently. This has been resulting in its code base being adoped for the internal solutions of large organizationas including and especially those in the field of banking/finance. Expanse is the only long running project based off ethereum that has been under continuous development and has had consistant upward market growth. That combination of factors makes it a very appealing target for money coming in looking for something strong with stable potential for growth. That's my theory, anyway ;]

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    To be fair no one really uses the eth forums either. Their gitter chats are usually full though.