Blockchain Governance Services

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    Governance services for a borderless society.

    Borderless Citizenship Id
    In a world unrestricted by imaginary lines, we would need a new type of identity. A borderless identity. This identity will serve as the foundation in which all of the other services are built from.

    Borderless Direct Democracy
    We are creating a 3 divisioned direct democracy, where every citizen has a say in the future of the organization. The more citizens participate the more influence and power that citizen has.

    Legal Services

    Borderless Marriage
    A marriage as defined by the marriage smart contract is a binding relationship between two or more identities.

    Borderless Notary
    Using cryptography we can sign your documents in such a way that proves they exist.

    Borderless Property Registrar
    We will provide multiple services to register the stuff you own on the blockchain. This will also make it easier to transact registered property.

    Borderless Incorporation
    Register your corporation and build its corporate bylaws in code.

    Misc Smart Contracts
    Citizens will be able to create, deploy and share their own smart contracts on our platform freely. So if their is something you would like but we havnt thought of you can make it!

    Economic Services.

    Borderless Basic Income
    The only way to garuntee a society is truly voluntary is to have ones basic needs met completely. All citizens should have access to Housing, Nutrition, Healthcare, Education and Protection from Aggression,

    Borderless Banking
    In order for a society to be borderless they need to be able to transact freely with out restriction. The Expanse platform is built to do exactly that.

    Borderless Reputation System
    A decentralized web of trust system is essential to a borderless society. In order for citizens to transact with confidence we can incentivize good behaviour and punish bad ones.

    Borderless Escrow
    In order to facilitate safe transactions between two parties we will offer an escrow services that are tied to the reputation system.

  • Blockchain reputation is an interesting one. Once that is coded in, you could include end user safety features, like the ability to specify a threshold for a filter for outbound transactions.

    [warning] You are attempting to send funds to a user with a trust rating lower than your specified bottom threshold.[warning]

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    That's a very interesting idea. It would be most effective if people couldnt create new identities. We cant stop that very easily, however we could limit identities that gain socialnet features like basic income. So if you earn a bad reputation you will be booted from basic income.