Making the world a better place.

  • Which part of crypto do you think has the best potential to help make the world a better place?

    I think it's got to be governance and legislation, the ability to create coded rules that participants have to follow. Corporations who have their good intentions baked in to their company during incorporation and politicians who are forced to be accountable or lose their powers.

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    Governance is where we can most certainly start. Transparent voting, and law setting creates a more autonomous less cumbersome governance service model for the future.

    People like Jaque Fresco from the venus project have been talking about it for decades. There will come a time when the future is so well designed that we can free up people to do the things that matter to them. Laws can be enforced by code. Sure we will need other law enforcement to save us from aggression, but imagine if we could abstract law enforcement from all the laws that can be solidified in code, that would cut cost down so much.

    Then we can use those funds for better things.

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    Governance is where expanse is starting also. So when we started expanse the idea of a DAO that managed the reserve was core to our planning. We soon realized that we can make something that is more than just a dao that is securing expanse funds, we can actually make a form of borderless governance where stateless identities can interact with other stateless identities in a trustless way. Not only that but just by everyone interacting with each other in this way they can get a sort of "basic income" or a profit share of the cost to run the governance platform.

    Expanse then becomes more than just a distributed virtual state machine, it becomes a distributed governance platform.

  • I've always thought one the best mechanisms in bitcoin was that it made miners behave, they are made to play by the rules, because that's the way they get rewarded. Governance at the moment is a wild west of lobbying and backroom deals and where legislation is pushed through on the quiet using every trick at their disposal and for most people, even though it's televised it's mostly reliant on 'the media' to digest and spoonfeed. It's again another area where transparency would help, and building in a mechanism that forces representatives to behave like miners, because there is no place to hide and their existence in the system is dependant on their behaviour.

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    Yea I agree completely.