Mining Issues, force targeting, and a couple requests...

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    First, I've noticed that when mining, when an AI controlled ship goes to the warp beacon to drop off it's cargo, the beacon doesn't pull the minerals in unless the beacon is on screen. Otherwise, the Rez just breaks down into nothing.Second, and this may be something I haven't figured out, is that certain missions will require you to attack a faction that you are friendly with, but I can't force order my AI ships to attack a friendly ship, I have to keep hitting the friendly ship myself until my reputation drops to a level the AI will target.Also, Can you include reputation bonuses for certain missions? Such as the UTA/CIV skirmishes in which you pick a side, or the automated drilling platforms being +CIV? It's almost impossible to gain reputation with one faction over another with the limited number of missions available and the frequency of their appearance.Finally, I have a request that a menu or database be made so players can examine what technology they have unlocked, what still requires parts, and what unlocked star systems they are for sale in.

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