right-click mining issue when losing mouse focus

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    in this version 0.15.37: the "progress" of mining, seems to be remembered when we right-click, and let go of the mouse button sometime before mining is complete. (we can start rightclicking on the item again to mine it from where we left off, and this is useful). but if we keep the right-click mouse button held down continuously, but slightly loose focus (like moving the mouse cursor slightly off the object being mined when trying to scrollwheel zoom in for example), as soon as the mouse cursor is back in contact with the tree or Rocks etc, the mining progress bar simply resets back to 0. i do like the fact that we are able to spend some time mining a large rock (which in some mods could be quite hard in terms of hardness), and then continue later and it remembers our mining progress, but if we keep holding down the button, i think it would make sense that the object should still be able to continue being mined, and to remember the progress, even if we slightly lose mouseover focus for a brief time?

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