Drowningpool now has Expanse coin in our pools

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    Hello everyone we would like to invite you guys to come mine with us. We have recently added few new coins to our pools so far we are all Ethash and dagger-hashimotto coins we will soon be adding other algorithms to our servers in the near future. Our pool fees are very low on some pools its 1% and on our newest pools we offer 0% Fees. Our servers have had 0% down time since we have started our first pool several months ago and we hope to continue to keep our servers up all the time. Better for our miners and keeps things running smooth. We also offer 24/7 support on all our pools so you can always get someone if need be. below is a list of our pools and our Official facebook group hope to see a few miners join in our pools we will be adding more coins to mine as per our users request . We run a poll in the FB group to see witch coin will suit our users and that's what we go by so feel free to stop in and make a suggestion
    Musicoin pool is http://drowningpool.net
    Pirl coin pool http://pirl.drowningpool.net
    Ubiq coin pool http://ubiq.drowningpool.net
    Ella coin pool Is http://ella.drowningpool.net
    Expanse coin pool http://exp.drowningpool.net
    Our official facebook group is located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/507638146242642/
    Server uptime 100%........ Low pool fees ..........24/7 Support