• Important News!

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We want to inform you about one important detail! If you have been participating in our Pre-Sale in December and planning to take part in the sale now you need to use different ETH address from the one that you have used before. You need to do that in order to receive your tokens earlier. If you use the previous address you will receive your tokens with 3 months restriction on using them. So to take part in sale and to get your tokens faster please create new ETH wallet and use this new address.

    Best regards,
    VINchain team.

  • We’re off to an Incredible Start!

    Thank you to all of our amazing contributors! Just in a few short days we have finished stage 1 of our ICO pre-sale!

    🎉We collected over 1290 ETH! 🎉

    That means that we’re opening stage 2, right in time for our ICO on February 1st 2018 14:00 UTC. During stage 2, tokens are available for purchase with a 25% bonus.

    Make sure you have an account registered on VINchain.io ( https://vinchain.io ) so you can participate during the ICO. Instructions ( https://vinchain.io/instructions ) to set up can be found here.

    Again from everyone at VINchain, thank you so much for supporting us!

  • We are extremely glad to announce that our ICO started!!! So get ready for it! It has been a really long journey for us, and the whole VINchain team wants to say thank you for such faith in our idea! So many people connected with us through our website and socials and it’s awesome to see such a support!!! Let’s change the automotive industry today!

    We want to remind you about some important information. You need to create an account on our website to start buying tokens. The instruction on how to make a purchase you can find here.( https://vinchain.io/instructions )

    We are already on the second stage as the first stage with 40% bonus has been sold out during the pre-sale for whitelist investors. The starting price of our ICO is 1 ETH=20000 tokens+bonus (25% now). The total supply for ICO is 600,000,000 tokens. We will accept ETH, BTC, LTC and DASH as a payment method. The softcap is 3300 ETH and the hardcap is 23250 ETH.
    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, you can do this through the telegram channel ( https://t.me/vinchainio ) where you will get support 24/7. Follow us in social media and visit our website to learn more about all the updates of our project:

    Website: https://vinchain.io
    Telegram: https://t.me/vinchainio
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vinchain.io
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/VINChain_io

  • Our New Adviser - Matt Carpenter the CFO Audi of America & Audi Canada

    Meet our new adviser - Matt Carpenter! He is the Chief Financial Officer of Audi of America & Audi Canada. He has extensive managerial experience in the automotive industry and years of working in this sphere. We are extremely happy that such a valuable person joined our team and we’re looking forward for new synergistic ideas that will be implemented in our project.

    Matt’s professionalism speaks for itself, just by looking at his career path. From the very beginning he decided to connect his future with the automotive industry. Matt started his path with the Ford Motor Company in Michigan and worked there for 4.5 years as a Zone Manager.

    In 2007 he began his journey with Audi of North America as a Business Management Consultant at a Pied Piper Management Company LLC. His work there was stellar, so in 2007 he decided to shift gears and accepted the position of Vehicle Merchandising Manager at Audi of North America. Not long after Matt joined Audi, he became responsible for control of finances in 2016. After that Matt moved to Canada where he became a Chief Financial Officer of Audi of North America.

    Our project is growing bigger and we’re opening new offices and welcoming new members! And the fact that such an outstanding person decided to join us means a lot! With such a great team we will change the industry and create a new future for the automotive business!

    Our ICO is live now! The starting price of our ICO is 1 ETH = 20000 tokens + stage bonus (25% now). The total supply for the ICO is 600,000,000 tokens. We accept ETH, BTC, LTC and DASH as a payment method. The softcap is 3300 ETH and the hardcap is 23250 ETH. Don’t miss your chance to buy our tokens with the lowest price!

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, you can do this through the telegram channel ( https://t.me/vinchainio ) where you will get support 24/7. Follow us in social media and visit our website to learn more about all the updates of our project:

    Website: https://vinchain.io
    Telegram: https://t.me/vinchainio
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vinchain.io
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/VINChain_io

  • Its looks like a good ICO!!
    To promote it - add it to icoguru.io

  • VINchain ICO Opens to US Contributors

    We are excited to announce that participation in the VINchain Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is officially open to United States based contributors.

    Approximately one week ago the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it treats almost all Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) as securities. In a swift proactive response to this announcement, we had to temporarily limit the access of US residents in our ICO. We had set our sights on overcoming this hurdle by the third quarter of 2018, so we are overjoyed to be able to announce that VINchain token purchasing is open to the US market as of February 14th, 2018. We were able to accomplish this major goal as VINchain was concluded to be a utility token and not a security.

    VINchain tokens can be acquired here: https://vinchain.io/

    VINchain tokens can be acquired with multiple currencies, including Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash (DASH).

    The ICO opened on February 1st, and will continue until April 15th of 2018. Purchased VINchain tokens will be distributed between April 16th and April 23rd.

    There’s never been a better time to get involved, with over 1,000,000 VINchain tokens sold already. The sooner you get involved, the greater bonus on top of your token purchase you will receive. We are currently in stage 2 of 7, which carries a corresponding bonus of 25% on top of your purchase (the current stage and bonus can be viewed anytime at vinchain.io). US contributors on the waitlist will receive the full bonus that was available at the time of signup!

    One Ethereum (ETH) is equal to a base of 20,000 VINchain tokens, plus the bonus corresponding to the stage (+25% in stage 2), so currently one ETH purchases 25,000 VINchain tokens. Stages are progressed through when the specified amount of ETH is collected.

    Please read our detailed, step by step instructions on how to get involved in the VINchain ICO here: https://vinchain.io/instructions

    Many US-based contributors have been following our developments closely and are already excited to contribute, while others are hearing news of VINchain for the first time. VINchain offers a decentralized and secure vehicle history report built on the blockchain. This means that for the first time ever, consumers will be able to obtain reliable and transparent data on vehicles they are considering purchasing.

    This reliability and transparency comes from the data being attached to a blockchain-passport specific to the VIN of the vehicle. Information about the vehicle is accumulated from databases of all system participants, including auto manufacturers (OEMs), insurance companies, service stations, banks, leasing companies, the vehicle itself and more. This information can be aggregated into a report which is purchased with VINchain tokens.

    For more comprehensive and technical information, please consult the VINchain White Paper here: https://vinchain.io/files/VinChainWhitePaper.pdf

    We’d love to chat and answer any questions or concerns you might have. For assistance, contact us on our Telegram at https://t.me/vinchainio.

    Please join the conversation on social media!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vinchainio/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/VINChain_io
    Blog: https://vinchain.blogspot.com/
    Medium: https://medium.com/@VINChain

  • LIVE WEBINAR with VINchain CEO Alex Miles just started!

    Join the Webinar using this link https://www.facebook.com/vinchainio/videos/950887025070167/

    Don't miss your chance to ask your questions to Alex Miles live! We will compare VINchain with other competitors.

    VinChain is creating a worldwide blockchain database of used vehicle information that is 100% transparent, reliable, and accessible by everyone.

  • On the Way to Softcap! Over 2500 ETH Collected

    We are excited to share our success with you. We’ve collected over 2500 Ethereum (ETH), leaving only 800 of our softcap of 3300 ETH! Our ICO will continue until the 15th of April, leaving plenty of time to collect even more.

    We want to thank you for your continued support, which we appreciate deeply. We look forward to building the future of the automotive industry together! Recently we reached our goal of launching in the United States much earlier than our originally projected timeline of the third quarter of 2018, which presents huge growth opportunities for VINchain.

    For those looking to acquire VIN tokens, there is currently a 25% bonus on top of your contribution, as we are still in the second stage of ICO. Bonuses will drop as stages progress, so don’t miss your chance for the best value!

    For step by step purchasing information, please view instructions here: https://vinchain.io/instructions

  • VINchain is one of the best top 14 ICOs in 2018 according to the Entrepreneur

  • Hello everyone! Right now we are going through the final tests of VINchain app alpha version, and soon you will be able to see it in Google Play. Stay tuned to know all the info! Follow us on telegram ( https://t.me/vinchainio )

  • We want to introduce you our new adviser - Nitesh Mistry!

    VINchain is thrilled to introduce you our new adviser - Nitesh Mistry. He is an Owner of Support305 and a machine learning, cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast that is ready to change the future together with VINchain!

    Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/221

  • VINstuff #12 (July 9 - July 15)

    Dear VINchain community,

    We are delighted to announce the results of another week of hard work. We were able to complete our listing on the International Digital Asset Exchange (IDAX), we’re participating in the KuCoin listing competition, and we launched the alpha version of our onboard diagnostic (OBD) device!

    We look forward to hearing your feedback on these developments as they wouldn't have been possible without you! Thank you for being with us from the start and let’s revolutionize the automotive industry together!

    Check out the video with today's announcements:

    Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/220

  • Dash and VINchain Partnership Announcement!

    Dash and VINchain have entered into a partnership, to leverage their joint interest in using data to improve vehicle ownership and maintenance.

    Dash offers smart driving products for both consumer and business vehicles, helping make driving safer, greener and more affordable for drivers. VINchain offers a decentralized blockchain-based vehicle history report, to authenticate vehicle maintenance, repair and ownership.

    Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/222

  • CoinEx market exchange scam alert!

    Dear VINchain community,

    We are sad to say we have a warning to share with you all today. We’ve been moving forward with our focus of getting listed on more exchanges and one of them was CoinEx Market (https://www.coinexmarket.io ).

    We made an agreement and prepayment (of one Bitcoin) for listing months ago, but they never integrated us onto their exchange due to their corruption and shady business practices. They started by postponing the listing process and requesting more time, now they are refusing to return the prepayment.

    The invoice can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sJXeMVyruv8mzCXhOATdZdtn3N3vIgFZLo5EdwGojn0/edit

    The transaction can be viewed here:

    The conversation when they agreed to refund our payment but did not do so can be viewed below:

    They just started to reply 17th of July and wrote about integration after we began to inform our users that they are scam. They didn't reply after payment. Also coinexmarket stole money for listing from other projects: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4608669.0


    We want to ensure our community is aware of CoinEx Market’s reputation and avoid them at all costs. These business practices and lack of transparency are exactly what we seek to solve by building the VINchain network, and we are thankful as always for your incredible support.

    Full story with proof can be found here: https://medium.com/@vinchain/this-is-how-coinexmarket-does-their-business-8cd9dc57c95e

  • VINstuff #13 (July 16 - July 22)

    Dear VINchain community,

    We’re happy to share the successes brought by another week. More partnerships are being forged and we’ve recruited incredible new team members! We’re currently focusing our efforts on the development of our system, so you will soon be able to experience it firsthand. As always, we are endlessly grateful to our community and appreciate your feedback.

    Check out the video with today's announcements:

    Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/224

  • VINstuff #14 (July 23 - July 29)

    Dear VINchain community,

    We are glad to say that another weekly update is ready! We are constantly working hard towards our goals and we are ready to bring you guys up to date with recent events. As always new members are joining the team, new advisorships are forming, and conferences are going our way. We are also working constantly on the development of the VINchain system, and you will soon have access to it! As always please comment below letting us know what you think

    Check out the video with today's announcements:

    Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinstuff-14-july-23-july-29/225

  • Get 100,000 VIN tokens for free!
    Don’t miss VIN Trading Campaign!

    We have a special announcement for you! IDAX is starting VIN Trading Campaign! 1,000,000 VIN will be given away during this period of time! The campaign will be held on July 31st 00:00:00 - Aug 14th 23:59:59 (UTC +8).


    Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/get-100000-vin-tokens-for-free-dont-miss-vin-trading-campaign/226

  • Dear VINchain community,

    Currently, after you complete the token swap you receive your tokens within 24 hours. This token swap process has been active and available for a very long time, and a very limited amount of users still remain to go through the token swap, so we are making some small changes.

    Starting from August 1st you will be receiving your tokens in your VIN wallet once a week on Friday after you complete the token swap!
    Every week we will be posting a list of people who received them so everyone will be updated regularly.

    If you have any questions at all, please contact us at [email protected] or ask in our telegram chat

    Thank you for being with us and supporting VINchain! Together we’ll go far!

  • Interview with Mark Taylor from PureCars!

    Dear VINchain community,

    We are eager to share with you an interview between Alex Miles, our CEO, and Mark Taylor, our brilliant advisor. Mark shares his perspective on VINchain, reasons for joining us and outlook on our future growth. We discussed his extensive experience in the automotive industry including his career at PureCars and his 15-year journey with AutoNation, the largest automotive retailer in the US. The interview provides an expert’s insight into VINchain and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it.

    As always, we look forward to your feedback and thank you for your enthusiastic support, none of this would be possible without our incredible community.

    Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsSdVteJ5AM

  • VINstuff #15 (July 30 - August 5)

    Dear VINchain community,

    Another week has gone by and it's been 15 weeks today since we have finished our ICO. We can not be happier to share this amazing journey with us! As you all know we are constantly working on the development of the system and hope that you are ready for the project to show its full potential! We are extremely joyful to have such a wonderful and strong community, that are interested in our project and the bright future that stands ahead of us. Thank you so much for being with us from the start and let's reach the moon together! As always please leave your comments down below as we really value the feedback from our community!

    Check out the video with today's announcements:

    Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinstuff-15-july-30-august-5/227