Combination of current proposals

  • With the EXP.DAO, we, as a community, get to create something unique. I’ve read James, Frank's, and GDizzle(hope that’s right) proposals and would like to add my ideas to the already great proposals on the forum.

    Expanding on Frank’s basic income, I would suggest using the EXP.DAO as a holding company, if you will, that creates decentralized companies that will pay for the basic income without taxing individuals.

    I think James is hitting the nail on the head when he speaks of Group based voting. The only issue I see with this, it creates a democracy with representatives. This is great and all, but we have all seen how this plays out in the real world. Everyone votes, but the representative does not like the vote and goes a different direction. The only sure way to bypass this catastrophe is to allow the individual groups to vote individually, within the group. When the group comes to a consensus, they forward that to the representative and he/she/it would be forced to vote with what the group agreed upon using transparency. If the representative does not vote as the group intended, the DAO will see that and kick his/her/its vote back to the group. The group would decide to keep the representative or release him/her/it. This also fits into GDizzles “Proposal for strategically based worldwide Expanse Representatives”. These representatives will act as ambassadors to EXP.