Proposal for strategically based worldwide Expanse Representatives

  • I propose that the Expanse DAO vote on taking on new members of the team to act as representatives of the community in different countries where the current Expanse team does not already have an active presence.

    The Representatives will need to have a good understanding of the Expanse network and all related projects to spread the word of these projects and the concepts involved.

    This would free up the dev's on the team from answering common questions that often get asked. Also by having reps based from other countries they will know the best methods of crypto currency use and regulations of their home country.

    Other responsibilities the reps could undertake.

    1. To liaise with exchanges / pools of their home nation to list Expanse
    2. Form corporate partnerships and find new projects that could use the Expanse network
    3. Assist with any new user query's and concerns from their country.
    4. Attend meetups in their country and represent Expanse spreading the word of the projects and tech behind it.
    5. Start building a EXP community in their country to encourage collaborations and eventually Expanse meetups once they have created a large enough network

    As the reps will be part of the Expanse team, the Expanse social channels will be able to promote the meetups and events these representatives will be attending thus bringing the community together and showing a constant presence of Expanse around the world at events.

    Photos and videos from the reps at these events will also give the Expanse team more items to share across social channels creating more interactions and discussions.

    I would like to propose that the Reps would be paid in EXP as the reps will need to believe in the potential of the Expanse network to promote it properly. They will not be looking to sell their EXP at the first opportunity and will likely keep the EXP off the market.