New DAPP with Powerful Incentives for Early Adopters

  • I am a new member of the community. I am very interested in what you
    guys are doing here. Borderless looks very well put together and has
    many powerful features.

    I have an idea for an dapp that might fit very well with Borderless,
    and might create a value proposition that would appeal to governments, organizations and citizens considering using the platform.

    I am a dev/project manager on a number of other projects in the
    cryptospace. I am interested in yours in particular because of
    the quality i see in presentation and features.

    I have a few very appealing use cases for this DAPP that could create powerful incentives for stakeholders including governments, citizens and expanse users.

    Please respond to this post if you might be interested in such a project.


    If we get enough interest, we can have a roundtable.

  • I have put together a Preliminary proposal that includes:

    Description of the Current Situation
    Description of the Proposed Project
    Business Objectives
    Benefits / Value Created
    Why its Needed at this Time