How to buy bonds using Mist and the Bond Dapp

  • NOTE: This method is now obsolete. Download Bond Dapp v1.0.0 and follow this process

    Since the Bond Dapp v0.0.3 is now working its a good time to do another write up on how to buy bonds and earn some passive income on the side.

    Step 1: Download gexp and extract the one appropriate for your OS version. This will be used later on to unlock your account.

    Step 2: Download the mist wallet for your operating system.

    Step 3: Start the wallet by clicking on Expanse-Wallet icon. Click on skip peer search and the wallet will open.

    Step 4: Use Mist to create a brand new account by going to Accounts -> New account. Give it a password.

    Step 5: Copy the newly created account address to a text file some where.

    Step 6: Browse to the location where you downloaded gexp in step 1 and run it like this gexp --rpc --rpcaddr localhost --unlock "accountnamegoeshere". Once you launch the shell will ask you for password/passphrase. Enter it and it should tell you that you successfully unlocked the account. Alternatively you can create a file called password.txt in the same directory as gexp and run gexp like this gexp --rpc --rpcaddr localhost --unlock "accountnamegoeshere" --password password.txt.

    Step 7: Download the Bond Dapp

    Step 8: Extract and run the bond dapp ui.

    Step 9: Go to Manage Accounts and you should see the Account Balance to match the balance you expect. If not wait for the blockchain to sync. At this point your bond balance should show 0. Also make sure your account says Unlocked. If it says Locked then you need to revisit Step 8.

    Step 10: Every 100 EXP gets you 1 Bond so depending on that fill in the appropriate amount in the Amount tab and click Deposit. Wait for the Bond Balance to reflect the value you just Deposited. This process should take approx 2 - 5 min. You should get a notification on the top right that your deposit is complete. Your Bond Balance should now reflect the new balance. If it doesn't simply switch to another tab and come back to this one to see the correct value of your deposit.

    Step 11: Now that the deposit is complete the Create Bond option should appear below the Account. Click on the Create Bond with the appropriate multiplier. If you deposited 100 EXP then your multiplier will be 1. If you deposited 1000 EXP your multiplier will be 10. Confirm and wait for the UI to confirm the completion of the Bond.

  • This seems way cool - what is the return on 1 bond, when it matures in ~6 months?
    Secondly - is this unique to Expanse, or are there similar offerings on ETH/ETC/etc.?

  • This post is deleted!

  • That was my mistake. I fixed the text. Step 6 is the first time you will start gexp.

  • Hi, omarsiddiqi

    Could you explain more for step 6?
    I don't understand "run it like this gexp --rpc --rpcaddr localhost --unlock "accountnamegoeshere""

    Awaiting for your reply. Thanks