Corrupt Politics

  • Recently in the Philippines, the newly elected President has made a lot of changes to the nation, without prior consent to his administration, such includes cutting ties with USA and leaving the UN. His administration are baffled, and when questioned, their responsive action doesn't exactly follow the protocol for a position to make sudden changes.

    Since then, the Philippine Pesp (PHP) has been on a steady decline as foreign investment has started pulling out. This could have been avoided if foreign policy was understood better. Many believe it is China's doing to have gotten Deturte into the position with deputes on an island that was highly contested for many years.

    I recall during the election, the entire country was still using the "paper ballot" system, which can be easily manipulated just as that as an electronic one. What would be needed from and Expanse to provide this nation, as well as any other, the sources to completely prevent, or at least make an election transparent?

  • I think from a tech perspective expanse is in line with providing everything an election system needs to be fully transparent and fair.

    The obvious question is how much leverage do we have with the govt to adopt such a change. Even though exp and borderless are not tied to any particular country but nations and leaders that keep a negative impression of americans will need more convincing.

    I think the pilot program for the exp voting system will provide very useful data and will most likely make it a little bit more clearer how the voting module can be utilized.

    At this point it might be a little too optimistic to think that exp will replace a countries election process right out the gate. I think a more achievable goal is to replace various polls that are often conducted which people have even less transparency on.