Can we grow our user base 5% per week?

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    If we work together we can. I'll figure out a way to incentivize social engagement. Do you have any ideas?

  • Not sure how to reach specific growth goals but I'll have a think about how to get the community more engaged. I'll report back once I've thought this over a little bit.


    "If this coin wants to be taken seriously as not a scam, there needs to be a page showing all premined coin transactions with a description of it's use and the voting results."

    Well my first thought is transparency.. Not just any transparency.. Transparency for the non technical..

    I think a really good idea would be to have something on the website that shows when and where what funds are going to what and why.

    With a bit of code.. Maybe a DAPP? this could be automated. Or in the meantime could have something on the forum here that is updated manually and linked to from the website.

    I'll gladly take on this role for the time been but ultimately, an auto updating section on the website would be the best way to go I think.

  • I think transparency is insanely important. People are always worried because anything devs get paid is bound to be used as FUD, but only with total transparency can this be countered. With total transparency trust can be built over time, and then we have a chance at building something special here.

    It is critical that we built trust, and we really need smart contracts and code for that. Until everything can be proven, I think it is essential to go the extra mile and make sure people understand the funding system as best possible. (and how committed we are to not abusing anything at all)

  • A Dapp eventually would be nice, but even just simple reports with addresses would totally suffice in the meantime. I did make a second flowchart for this, but after the first one was used as FUD, I just kept the other one to myself. So maybe reports would work with addresses until we can get some Dapp or something a bit fancier later.

  • Now theres a functional block explorer, those who are concerned enough can check things out. Ill try get onto this when I have time. I'll need a space here to post in and keep it up updated, but yeah, ill chat on the slack for help soon to get this "transparency" "visual"...get it? There's a joke in there somewhere.. xD

  • I talked to Franko and we are all in agreement and I am sure we can get some type of report out. We don't think it is anyone's business what people spend a paycheck or a bounty on, but certainly we can track who gets paid what and when. If they want to hold or sell that is really up to them. If they hold the price could be way higher in the future, and that is also more voting power later. So hopefully most devs will hold most EXP until we get bigger, regardless, that is still up to them once paid. As long as we space out payments and bounties, whatever they do with it, it won't matter as much.

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    I agree about transparency. Mostly what I do with mine little stash is find new and exciting ways to give it away. I use it to help social engagement and stuff like that.

  • If someone would make an app like slack or any other project management app based on expanse, easy to use for non technical people, I bet the user base would skyrocket.

  • I was thinking we should get some Reddit specialist to promote there and expand the Reddit community. It wouldn't be coding, so I think we could get someone that would do it cheap. Ideally I would like a nice theme, and for it to be promoted a lot and help bring more people in. I am not personally big into Reddit, but I do know that a lot of people are.

    Basically, get more people to help that want to be a part.