PS4 Dualshock 4 - 2000mAh | DS4 Battery | Genuine PKCELL - LP803860 (AUS Only) 50% off for EXP!

  • Due to the hassle of shipping Li-Po's I can only offer this to Expansers in Australia. Sorry.

    Please do not contact me via Gumtree as they have a very strong policy against accepting bitcoin or any other crypto currency for that matter. PM me here, or email me via my website.

    All prices are in AUD so if you would like to purchase with EXP, I will quote you at the current market value using the price listed on CoinMarketCap. Quotes will remain valid for 12 hours at this stage.

    I will be using fiat funds from elsewhere to pay my taxes etc so do not worry, I wont be dumping the payments for BTC. This is my way of increasing my holdings.

    Gumtree Listing

    These are genuine "PKCELL" LP803860 2000mAh 3.7v Playstation 4 controller replacement batteries with 2x the running time of the stock DS4* batteries.

    The polarity has already been reversed, so with a small battery cradle modification they are plug and play, fully charged and ready to game!

    They are sold as is and I personally test each and every one individually before sending them out. Prices include FREE shipping for 1x Unit only. For 2 or more units please contact me for postage costs.

    : QUANTITIES : For EXP payers only, any other currency will be @ the prices listed on Gumtree or eBay.

    Prices below are for EXP payments in equivalent AUD.

    1x $20 | 2x $25.50 | =>4x $50


    1. DS4 Modification instructions can be found here | |

    2. This requires the buyer to open their controller to install them. This will void your controller's warranty.

    3. Please check that the red and black wires match the stock DS4 battery JST connector before plugging it in BUT reversing the polarity of the JST connector should not be required as this has already been done for you.

    4. Due to the nature of the product, no returns can be accepted.

    5. FREE shipping does not include Express Post because Li-Po batteries can NOT be sent via Air Mail due to Australian regulation. Depending on your location it can take up to 14 business days as detailed by Australia Post.

    6. Charge only through the DS4. Do not expose the battery to fire or excess heat. Do not short-circuit the battery terminals (touch the bare red and black wires together). Do not disassemble the battery. This may cause injury and will most certainly destroy the battery.

    : PAYMENT : If you would like to take advantage of the 50% discount offer, please contact me OUTSIDE of gumtree to get a quote in EXP.

    : GLOSSARY : DS4* = Dualshock 4

    : WEBSITE : |

    : ABN : 29 772 952 958

  • I bought 4 of these last week and they arrived a couple of days ago.
    They were fairly easy to install and have been working great.
    Genuine LP803860s for this price is a really good deal. It's almost impossible to get them anywhere else in Australia without buying in bulk.
    I highly recommend getting a few and enjoying double the playtime without having to charge.