LAB had an ICO, holders spent 10 cents. So they want to sell for $1 or more. For any ICO, it is best if the founder is not in posession of 50% of a Token, Asset, etc. What happens in cases with non-trustworthy Token creators dump on a good market, to the point that it drowns the price. And in sone cases they just go silent, and take a bunch of money, and no one knows who they were. LAB is doing what a good ICO does, there are 2 main good offers in a Token ICO and these should be known by Tokenlab users. (1) Distribute and Burn the Tokens in a planned phased way (2) Creator sets times when the Coin will be bought back by the creator, and in the best cases burned. Ex: an ICO that sells at 50 Cents each and they get about $1-2,000,000, and offers to spend $100,000 at 60 days, and maybe doubles to $200,000 bought back or goes down to $5000, or $75000. But that makes people want to buy it, to sell during the buy back. Which raises the price. The opposite method would be to signal dumps for users, and let them buy cheap before money is used made on the market and used for the purpose of funding the Blockchain project, which raises the price later, so Coins can be sold cheap to users who pay attention before the price goes up later. So Tokenlab attached to LAB, you use LAB on Tokenlab, it was sold at 10 cents each EXP is the Blockchain Coin though, and it was $8 each at 1 point and is 11 cents now. So the developers lost a lot of money in a way. And have probably lost a lot of EXP, exchanging it to pay for things. Taking EXP as payments helps them. EXP and LAB benefit.